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...a site for kit car and EV enthusiasts alike!

Kit Cars:
Kinetic Automotive is proud to offer the Limited Edition Pro-Street Bug fiberglass car kit. The award winning Pro-Street Bug is a unique blend of several 50's and 60's era bugs, featuring a split rear window (oval window optional), chop top, fatted fenders, and other such customizations. This kit easily fits onto a pre-80's stock VW Bug pan, if you want to keep it air cooled, or you can go with a V8 up front utilizing a custom steel chassis, Mustang II front-end, and Ford 8 or 9 inch rear-end. Visit our body kit page for more details.

Electric Vehicles:
We are in the final stages of building our first EV prototype, utilizing the Pro-Street Bug fiberglass body kit, rugged steel chassis (custom built by Bob Eyler), including roll-cage, 11" DC motor and 14KW LiFePO4 battery pack! Boasting an expected curb weight well under 1500 lbs, coupled with a powerful electric drive train and low center of gravity, this beauty will generate muscle car like acceleration, while retaining the agility you'd expect from a light-weight vehicle.

About Us:
Having quietly stood by watching the electric vehicle industry flounder for over 5 years with inflated retail prices and minimal standardization, we decided it was time to make an impact and create the hottest and most practical hot rod EV you can find! Gone are the days of the complex gas hogging 350 Chevy's connected to heavy transmissions to get that thrill of G's.

To this end, we have designed and are NOW BUILDING electric EV's that have a style that transcends generations, a drive train that outperforms most sports cars with single charge ranges of over 100 miles available, and requiring ZERO interval maintenance. All for pennies on the dollar operating cost.