Pro-Street Bug

We are the proud owners of a beautiful set of fiberglass molds that produce an award winning chop top vw bug body, the Pro-Street Bug! It was built from a combination of a 50's era split rear window bug, and several 60's vintage bugs modified with the top chopped, removal of all drip lines, and on top of that, a widened rear-end giving a stouter overall appearance.

You're getting a meticulously hand made, light yet sturdy fiberglass vw body with clean lines, when you purchase the Pro-Street Bug body kit.

VW Body Kit Includes:
    Completed Body
  • Doors (Left and Right)
  • Trunk (w/Inner Ribs)
  • Hood (w/Inner Ribs)
  • Firewall (Bonded into place)
  • Dash (optionally Bonded onto Firewall)
  • Rear-Deck (Bonded into place)
  • Fender Reinforcements (Bonded into place)
  • Bumpers (Front and Rear)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Floor Board (for Eyler's Pro-Street steel chassis)
    - or -
    Pan Adapter (for air-cooled VW pan)

The Pro-Street Bug VW body kit comes fully assembled and can be mounted to a standard pre-80's VW Bug pan, Bob Eyler's custom built Pro-Street steel chassis, or it can be adapted to fit any appropriately designed 94 1/2" wheelbase chassis, for the do-it-yourselfer. You can also purchase Eyler's Chassis kit which features the steel frame pieces all cut to size, welded by Bob, or assemble it yourself if you're handy with a welder.

This kit is also compatible with many VW and aftermarket accessories and hardware with some minor modifications. Should you have any questions on assembly, or part compatibility, we're more than happy to assist.


VW Bug Body Kit Pricing:
Chopper Gun : $6,850
Hand Laid : $7,850
Use Epoxy (much lighter vs. Poly Resin) : +$450
Crating (required only for Shipping) : +$225

We Do 0% Interest Financing, See Example and Order Form Below!

Example of Invoice - for a "Chopper Gun" body using Poly/Resin and fiberglass
Cost of Body : $6,850.00
Tax : $0 (CA Residents pay $599.38 sales tax)
Crating : $225.00
Shipping : TBD (Invoiced Separately or Arranged by Purchaser)
Invoice Total : $7,075.00 + Shipping

Example Financing Option - for the sample invoice above
Total Down Payment (20%) : $1,370.00 + Tax ($599.38 CA Residents Only)
Total Financed Amount : $5,840.00
Terms : 24 Months at $228.34 + 9.95 Monthly Account Management Fee
36 Months at $152.22 + 9.95 Monthly Account Management Fee
Loan can be paid off at anytime without penalty

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Fiberglass Body Details / Options

Rear Window Style: Split-rear WindowOval Window
Dash: YesNo    I would like the dash glassed into place
Suicide Doors: Yes   No
Floorboards: VW Pan Adapter (for air-cooled) Eyler Chassis Floorboards (for V8)
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Production time for these frames is approximately 3 weeks delivered from our shop in sunny San Diego County.